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Orleton Manor is a seventeenth century timber-framed manor house that sits close to the Herefordshire border and overlooks a stunning part of the countryside. It is formed of a main hall with two ranges extending to the rear and two stunning porches on its front elevation. It has a rich history as shown by the evolution of the timber-frame that forms it. Orleton Manor was designated as a Grade II* asset in 1959 which only works to cement its significance by considering it worthy of legislative protection.

Following the acquisition of the historic Orleton Manor in 2019, the Dearden family not only faced the feat of moving house but an extensive restoration project to ensure that the house would be capable of being a long-term family home.

Although Orleton Manor has been a well-loved building over the centuries, it has also been well-lived in. On first inspection, the house possesses the charm and circumstance of a large historic timber framed manor house. With age, however, comes wear-and-tear, timber decay and layers of inappropriate repairs – all of which are noticeable on close inspection.

The Deardens have embarked on the herculean task of reviving this historic manor house sympathetically and systematically. The aim is to repair the building, reverse bad quality workmanship and bring the building forward to suit twenty-first century living, without compromising the historic significance or the surviving fabric. This is neither an easy nor a quick feat to accomplish.

With a team of conservation-minded professionals working alongside the owners, Orleton Manor is being sensitively restored step-by-step and this blog will follow its journey.

Meet The Team
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