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A brief timeline of the building, outlining its history, notable owners and substantial changes over time. 

1580 | House was constructed

The Manor of Orleton was aquired by Ralphe de Mortimer, a powerful Marcher Lord, shortly after the Battle of Hastings. It was subsequently passed into the possession of the royal household until it was conveyed to George Hopton in 1609.

1620 | Popham to Blount family ownership

James I. Hopton later transferred Orleton to Curteen who in turn later conveyed it to John Popham. Upon Popham’s death in the 1620s, the property was sold to Thomas Blount, an antiquarian and staunch Catholic. During the Civil War, after the fall of Hereford in 1646, two thirds of the Blount’s assets were taken by parliament. In later years the Blount family were accused of being papists and delinquents subsequently losing further property and assets.

19th Century | Blount family to Hill

In the early 19th century, the house was lived in by Archibald Blount, he later leased it to Mrs Alice Hill in 1860. Upon Archibald's death, the entire estate was left to Yale University, with whom he had no affiliation. Upon the advice of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, Yale University subsequently sold the house to the Hill family and gave the proceeds to Archibald’s successors.

The Manor was lived in by the Hill family up until 1985, eventually being sold by Colonel Hill.

1985 | Up to today

During the late 80s and early 90s, the house exchanged hands several times, having many alterations and attempts at repairing along the way, with varying rates of success.

Orleton Manor finally ended up in the current owner’s possession in 2019.

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