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Raising the Roof

As some of you may have seen on social media, we have had a busy couple of weeks! Peter Ward has done a fantastic job documenting the process of the roof trusses being removed, so across this post and the next, we will have interviews with the lead carpenter Jake Oakley explaining the process and plenty of footage of the trusses sailing through the air.

We were incredibly lucky with the removal of the trusses, we had expected this to be a three day process with the crane booked for the second half of the week. Testament to the quality of our team, all trusses were removed and safely placed on trestles on the ground in just one day! This was sped up by the fact that upon close inspection, it was apparent that half the connections in the roof were not pegged, especially the purlins. We wondered why this was. Often pegs are put in at the end of the process, had the carpenter fallen out with the client and left the job early? Had the building been rebuilt?

If you have ever used a 17th century shell auger, it certainly would have been odd to have gone to those efforts of drilling every timber by hand and never putting pegs in.

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

We will let you digest those videos and upload some further videos later in the week.


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