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Updated: Oct 19, 2021

Jake of Oakley Frame Buildings has been working incredibly hard with the team of carpenters at Orleton on this fantastic repair which not only ties the corner post back in , but extends the kitchen wing wallplate into the hall tie beam, giving much needed rigidity back to the failing structure. Originally at this point the post top, wallplate and tie beam end had all succumbed to rot due to a failing roof valley and poor historic detailing, this genius solution solved all three problems.

A few words from Jake

"An interesting detail, the tie beam scarf repair has dovetailed tenons to help take tension in the tie beam.The tie beam repair then dog legs and reduces in section size to form a new section of wallplate.

This new wallplate picks up the next truss tie beam of the kitchen wing, with a half dovetailed lap joint and again dog legs to line through to the next run of wallplate.

Certainly not a repair you see everyday!"

These works form part of a wider scheme of repairs which will cumulate with the lifting of the roof in the next couple of weeks to allow for a temporary roof ready for winter and repairs to the trusses and wallplates to go ahead.

I'm sure you will agree it's both a fine example of both craftsmanship and engineering and a testament to the quality team which we have working at Orleton Manor!



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